Mobile Technology Carts

Powered Carts

Unsurpassed Run-Time.
Always Accessible Power.
Uninterrupted Workflow.

Altus offers the most comprehensive powered cart offering on the market.  Featuring:

On-Board Charging Solution with Electric Lift Options

Altus' most powerful cart with unsurpassed run-time.  On-board charging powers technology components and recharges the battery simultaneously, keeping you up and running and re-charged within 2 hours.

Hot-Swap Solution

A hot-swappable power solution providing always accessible power for clinicians.  These lightweight batteries give clinician's the ability to immediately swap a fully charged battery for a depleted one and experience uninterrupted workflow.

Hybrid Solution

This hybrid system utilized both swappable power and on-board charging.  Enhance your workflow with this system by "doubling your power" and adding additional batteries to the cart.


Simple Design.
Smooth Adjustments.
Ease of Mobility.

Altus' proprietary ascend lift technology and lightweight design are the perfect solution for any Healthcare setting.

Non-Powered Laptop and tablet Carts

Altus' non-powered carts are the cornerstone of the Mobile Technology Workstation family.  Delivering point of care technology for caregivers in a simple yet effortless way.

Non-Powered LCD Carts

These highly mobile, compact carts provide flexibility in room design and adhere to EMR requirements for size and compliance.