patient engagement

roommate televisions

The hot topic for hospitals and healthcare facilities is patient satisfaction. Providing better patient education, entertainment, communication and enhancing the overall experience not only decreases readmission for patients, but improves HCAHPS scores.


Mediacare hardware & Software

HCI’s MediaCare platform approaches patient engagement differently. Suitable for all sizes and types of healthcare facilities, MediaCare is easily scalable to fit into a small Critical Access Facility or Dialysis clinic to an extensive, multi-facility hospital system.  Focused around impacting patient care and outcomes, the software directly communicates with HCI Android-powered devices


Interactive Digital Whiteboards

Almost all hospitals and healthcare facilities deploy Whiteboards for patient communication. Uses typically include: scheduling, patient updates, care team information and more. HCI's innovative communication tool can enhance many of these functions and increase the efficiency of your staff. You can keep the patient, family and caregivers informed and aligned in every step.


Health-Key Keyboards & Patient Hubs


BedMate Televisions

Designed specifically for dialysis clinics, infusion centers and other healthcare facilities, the low-voltage BedMate Television features everything your clients expect from a modern day smart device. This fully-integrated TV and Android combination sets a new industry standard.